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    When do you know? When do you know? Not the first moments, not then. Not in the early, heady joys, no. Most definitely not then. And not as life continues. As you almost forget everything there was and it turns into something different. It can’t be then. It can’t be then that you know. Sometimes, you see, you’ve known all along. You just don’t realise that you do. You have to know that you know. You have to find that out. And you know when it’s gone. When you see it torn from your hands, when it’s never coming back. That’s when you know. The moment you risk losing it forever. You know.

    - Ian’s narration in The Rocket Men

  2. Fanfic by PhoenixDragon

    Two years and six months was quite enough time away as far as Ms. Wright and Mr. Chesterton were concerned. They had run the gauntlet both at home (and as far from it as can be imagined), all either of them wanted was to get back to work and the day to day of life on Earth.

  3. Barbara regretting her abrupt career as Ian’s hair stylist.

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  4. Let Me In - An Ian/Barbara Fanvid: fanvid by Allison ChestertonSong

    The song is Let Me In by Grouplove. Thanks for watching!

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  7. Fanfic by vvj5

    There’s something mysterious lurking in an alien forest…

  8. unwillingadventurer:

    Barbara: You’ll think I’m silly Ian, but I remember what you’d called me back on the Sense-Sphere when you’d said I’d come to guide you back. You’d said that I was your navigator. Oh, I know you didn’t mean it, but I hoped that somehow you’d realise we were nearby, that somehow if I thought hard enough, I could lead you back to me. (The Transit of Venus)

    Ian and Barbara always finding their way back to each other.

  9. Another user, Allison ChestertonSong with a slightly different list of Ian and/or Barbara fanvids.

  10. If you want a hit of Ian and/or Barbara fan vids, doctorrose24 has this playlist of a load of them on youtube.